Installation guide

Download and installation

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1. Visit to check that your device is supported.

2. Using a supported device, visit the app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and search "Land Rover Defender AR".

3. Install the app on the device. Once the installation is complete, tap the icon to launch.

4. Select the correct localization settings and press 'continue'.

5. The app will now download content to the device, you can watch a short Land Rover Defender film until the download is complete. This download takes 2–3 minutes over an average internet connection (5–6 mbps).

6. Once the download is complete, you can press the 'skip' icon to stop the film and start personalization.

7. The app is now in 'locked' mode, with limited exterior personalization options. To unlock the app and access all options, follow the unlocking instructions.



Unlocking Instructions

After install, the app will be in ‘locked’ mode which has limited exterior configuration options. This encourages users to visit a retailer in order to unlock the app with a QR code. Once unlocked with a QR code, the app provides full vehicle configuration.

1. Navigate to the main menu.

2. Press the 'unlock' button and follow the steps given by the app.

3. On a separate device, visit

4. Navigate to the QR code system, select the correct location and retailer name from the list and whether you are unlocking a retailer or customer device. You should then see your QR code.

5. Follow the steps on the app. Aim your device's camera at the QR code to unlock and profile your app.

6. Once successful, the app will switch into 'unlocked' mode. You will have full exterior configuration functionality in the personalization panel.



If your retailer is not listed, to request a new retailer setup.

You can also download the QR codes and use them on printed material within your retail space.