User Guide

Suggested Retail Journey

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The new Defender Retail app was developed to support the retailer's sales process. The features are designed to highlight and support key vehicle statements and messaging. There is no linear journey for the application, however, a suggested retail journey has been provided below.

1. Before a demonstration, ensure the application is installed and unlocked (by following the steps in the installation guide).

2. Show the customer the film which plays when the app is launched. 


3. Explain to the customer they can download the app on their own device from their app store if they wish to.

4. Explain to the customer that if they download the app in store, they can unlock it using the in-store QR code. They can then make full configurations in the retail showroom and from home, which may integrate into your sales conversations with customers.

5. Present the exterior configuration screen. You should begin in studio mode so that the customer can configure the vehicle without the need to use augmented reality.

6. Take the customer through the different configuration options by tapping the configuration button:

    1. Vehicles
    2. Accessory packs
      1. Use this option to talk about lifestyles. Do they live in the city? Do they get out to the countryside? Are they adventurous?
    3. Models
    4. Paints
    5. Wheels
    6. Contrast roof
    7. Lifestyle Collection
      1. Does the customer need to add any lifestyle goods?

7. Once the configuration is complete, press the 'tick' button in the personalization panel. Allow the customer to toggle the camera around the vehicle while you zoom in on key details. 

8. If you are in a retailer showroom, place the vehicle in AR. Ensuring you have sufficient space (size of the vehicle), scale the vehicle to 100% so that the customer can walk around it and envision the full scale. 

9. While exploring the back of the vehicle, press the 'open/close tailgate' button to see the boot space. If you added any Lifestyle Collection items, they will show up in here.

10. After viewing the vehicle, press the 'terrain view' button. This launches a menu to show the customer's configured vehicle driving across a terrain.

11. When you have finished with the animation, press the button with the name of the terrain that is playing out to change to a different terrain.

12. Press the ‘share’ button to take a picture of the configured vehicle. To continue the conversation, you could set up your email on the device to share the picture with the customer. Please follow device manufacturer's instructions on how to set this up on your device.

13. Navigate to the main menu and select ‘Interior’.

14. You'll see a 360 view of the interior of the vehicle. Encourage the customer to look around, open the hotspots to learn more about key features in the interior and press the 'personalize' button to switch between different trims and configurations.

15. Press the 'select view' button to toggle between different seats. 110 has three rows of seats and 90 has two.

16. To pull out any capability stories or questions while you are demonstrating the exterior and interior, navigate to the 'features' or 'gallery' sections through the main menu.

17. If you run into trouble at any point, you can press the '?' button to bring up a help menu.